Green13 Solutions was set up to create new actuarial modelling and control tools.

This website contains some key information on our tools and related services.  Please take a look - and then get in touch with Rob or Chris for more information.

Actuarial modelling is changing: The 1990s are finally over!

Understanding, validating and controlling calculation models has never been more important.

We can help insurers and auditors test their existing models quickly at full scale on a one-off or regular basis.

We can build and deploy new models rapidly by tailoring our core calculation libraries to your needs using our automated model-builder.


our tools


New regulations and increased pressure on reporting timelines mean that insurance companies need to get to know their data better.

We can help insurers understand their data and assess its completeness, accuracy and appropriateness.

We can deal with very large volumes of data even on modest hardware and get up and running very quickly.



An innovative data quality solution that is easy to deploy and integrates immediately with your existing systems.


A revolutionary new actuarial modelling platform that combines the best of new technology with classic techniques.

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