Whether you want to drill down into your data to find out the sum assured on policy P123 or accumulate the premiums on any of your 20 million policies in 2000 data files where the date of birth is 14th February 1986 you will get a choice of outputs.  You can either customise what Iris-D does or grab the data and analyse it with other tools ... the choice is yours.

  • Iris-D comes in a zip file and you just unzip and run.
  • You can run on a tablet, a laptop ... or a superserver if you have one.
  • You use Iris-D through your browser and simple, powerful Apps.
  • Outputs can be viewed and drilled into on screen.
  • You can export key analysis to spreadsheets if you want.
  • Results created on a server can be viewed by the whole team.
  • You can record and customise macros to automate your work.
  • You can create custom data fields 'by example' in a spreadsheet.
  • Iris-D reads and writes spreadsheets directly and very quickly.
  • The C++ Iris-Engine harnesses multicores to maximise speed.

You sit down at your desk, put your phone in your pocket and start examining data in a spreadsheet.

Did you ever wish you had an App for that?  Well, we certainly did and so we started writing them.

We've got Apps for checking your files are where they should be, apps for looking at field types.  Apps for making sure data isn't stale, apps for summarising data for a whole company, apps for automating the configuration of your business rules, apps to find strange business events, apps for analysis of change ... and yet more to come.

When we sat down to design Iris-D we knew that it needed to be easy to deploy, fast to use and integrate with the existing systems and tools that you use.  We spent over a year on research and development to make sure that you could harness the incredible power of modern computers without months of planning so that:

Here's a summary list of areas where clients use Iris-D already, or will do very soon:​

What is inside Iris-D?

We've used a range of modern tools and techniques and harnessed over 45 years' of actuarial experience.  All of your interactions are through a browser and the Iris-Engine uses C++ for resilience and optimum speed. 

Ever wanted an App for your data?

Iris-D has those Apps.  Sat on your laptop, PC, tablet or Server just waiting to be clicked or tapped to spring into action.


An introduction to:

Iris-D can start analysing your policy data in minutes ... yes minutes ... no complex set-up needed!!

​The system can analyses millions of policy records on your laptop in a few more minutes.

Expecting months of system design, build, test and cost? Not needed ... Iris-D is ready to run, right now.

What does Iris-D produce?

All of the Apps produce outputs for your browser that you can click on and interact with.  Apps can also produce outputs in other format where required for analysis outside Iris-D.

How do I get Iris-D?

Iris-D can be licenced to insurance companies or consultancies.  

Green13 also provides direct consulting services to insurers.  

Please contact us for further information.

What can I use it for?

Almost anything you like ... we're sure you'll find new ways of using it that we never thought about too.


​​A revolutionary tool providing new insights into your data and its financial impact.

Easy to deploy alongside your existing systems.

Get up and running in minutes!

Secure: Iris-D runs on your kit, so your data stays inside your security perimeter. 

  • Robust, repeatable Data Validation process for Solvency II.
  • One-off deep investigations into known data problem areas.
  • Support for regular data investigation as part of audit.
  • Analysis of change of Solvency II or EV or other metrics.
  • Early view of data impacts to speed up quarterly valuation.
  • ​Bridging between actuarial and other finance data sources.
  • One-off investigation into pricing or buyout data.
  • Custom MI platform with integrated data controls views.
  • Diagnostic tool for risk, internal and external audit teams.