Our services at a Glance


We can work with you to investigate any aspect of your policy, revenue or investment data ... or the results from your models.  We will deploy our tools on your hardware within your security perimeter.

Working with your existing finance, risk and actuarial data experts we can help you focus on areas for attention and also help you configure checks to run on your data on a regular basis.

We are happy to work with your data outsources or professional advisors and can also scale up our own team if timescales are short and you would like us to carry out more of the detailed review work.

Iris-D has been developed and optimised able to consume very large data sets (many Gb) on modest laptops, so work can commence promptly without waiting for hardware procurement.

Model Office and Pricing

Using Iris-C we can work with you to build actuarial calculation models for a variety of purposes and scales.

For a pricing team we can work with you to build models to explore product designs and pricing options.

For a risk or audit team we can work with you to create models that independently replicate a pricing or reporting model.

For a financial reporting team we can work with you to create primary calculation models or proxy models.

For any team we are happy to explore ways of using Iris-D and Iris-C to replace existing spreadsheet-based systems and provide a better controlled and more informative calculation or MI system.

Iris-D and Iris-C Licences

We can supply and maintain our Iris-D and Iris-C software to you if you are an insurance company or an actuarial services provider.

Iris-D and Iris-C can run directly on your hardware within your security perimeter and fully under your control.  You may use the software for any purpose (subject to the appropriate licence).  Terms and conditions can be tailored to your needs and will depend on the size and complexity of your business.